Cant but good luck

by Make August Count

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This album was recorded August '16 in Anthony's basement on Long Island.

Mixed and mastered by Zach McDermott
Engineered by Make August Count


released April 20, 2017

Zach would like to thank Wesleyan University in general, the Argus specifically, flaky collaborators, pernicious administrators and most white people.

Dan would like to thank History Department chair Gary Shaw, the amazingly transparent Wesleyan booking process, Music House, and his friends that ask him about his "band"!

Jason would like to thank Paul Ryan, bureaucracy, and people whose opinions on music are suspiciously similar to what's written on Pitchfork.

Anthony would like to thank Idio Gallery.



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Make August Count New York



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Track Name: Awful Days
I'm sorry babe, you'll never be able to wipe away this constant look of discomfort on my face

I need another you to help me find a way to waste away these days 'cause theres too many in the way

It's such a drag to go out every Friday to find someone new whos down to kick it in my room

And at my old school I used to think things were so cool, but I just smoked weed in my room and started fights with you

But you know me better than anyone else
You took my hand and I dragged you through hell
And I no longer feel like a shell
But a bloated sequel to a movie where the hero never helps
and turns out just to be a dick
Who traded all the love he had just to drink 'till he feels sick
You texted me today and I tried to stay a step away
So I wouldn't slip and fall into all my old cyclical ways
Even though I would love nothing more than to curl up next to you at the end of my awful days
All my terrible days.
Track Name: Up/Down
I'm washed up at 21. You'll always say hi to me last
And the theory is if I avoid looking in your eyes, I'll avoid confronting my past
The longer I drink the less that I think but the closer I feel to alright
I've been at this game for a while it should be no surprise

Then you went upstairs to try and feel respected as I went downstairs where I felt neglected
Drunkenly determine what I think that goes on and why handling reality is always so hard
It was considerate of you to soften the blow by lying and saying you were going home
As you blur the divide that exists in my mind between paranoid delusions and real fucking life.