No Drugs, No Friends

by Make August Count

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The songs comprising 'No Drugs No Friends' were written over the past 2 years with the sole intention of making it through some really rough nights. They weren't all meant to be shared, until one of us got drunk enough to show them to another, and another one of us was drunk enough to say "Fuck it let's make a band!". They are personal songs about anxiety, love, and the destructive choices we sometimes make to cope with those feelings. We don't offer much in terms of solutions, but I hope you can still find solace in our stories.

Make August Count is:
Zach Ezer - Drums
Jason Sloan - Vox/Guitar/Trumpet
Anthony Porcelli - Vox/Guitar
Daniel Giovanniello - Bass

All songs written by Make August Count.

Recorded during December 2k15 in Zach's living room in Middletown, CT, and the Porcelli's basement in Manhasset, NY.

Mix: Anthony
Engineer: Zach Ezer
Photo Cred: Eli Maskin
Model: Elizaveta Kravchenko


released March 22, 2016

Special thanks -

Zach: I want to thank my parents, the families of everyone in the band, and the BHT crew. Without them, the album and our first mini-tour would have never happened. On paper, I had a terrible time. We recorded the first half of the album in my apartment, two microphones at a time, then I moved into Dan’s attic while we recorded the rest. We drove to Queens to get me a kit, and had to try half a dozen computers to get our gear working. We had next to no idea what we were doing, and no money to do it with, even if we did. But we did have a few great songs. I feel like I came into this band after it had already hit a triple, all I had to do was jog the run in. Despite everything that happened, making this album was a great experience. I’ve never been more excited (and less sober) making music. I fell in love with these songs, and all I can hope is that anyone listening to these songs has the same reaction I did when I first heard them.

Dan: To my family, thank you for all the support. To my friends, thank you for all the love. To Jasons/Anthonys/Zachs families, thank you for helping to accommodate us in so many ways. To State Lines, thanks for the inspiration. To Jason, Anthony, and Zach, thank you for being a part of this band with me – we are literally four friends creating music together, I don’t think you can ask for anything more than that.

Jason: S/O the rents, UR, other family members, the combined squads of Warped/Penis Monglers 2*, the inhabitants of 65 Pearl, the Giovanniellos, the Ezers, the Porcellis, the families of all our friends (esp. the Ritterbands for the basement show), and all of the DIY emo bands who paved the way and really made us feel like there was value in creating our own music. Also if you haven't seen Crazy Stupid Love I just watched that for like the fifth time and it's still dope strongly recommend.

Anthony: Thank you to everyone who helped Make August Count become a thing that is real. I owe you all the world.



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Track Name: Open
I've been trying to find a poet to start writing all our songs
to add some convoluted substance to all my fucked up thoughts
And I've been trying to find a musician who knows more than just four chords
so I could smoke myself to heaven and never have to bother with anything more
And you can tell how lonely I am by looking at the lining of my nose
I used to think your notes meant something but now I know it's bullshit romantic prose
I'm never planning for my future, just trying to figure out how I'm getting home
I still think about calling you some nights - that's what scares me the most
Track Name: Couldn't Hurt to Check
So give me the full list of all your complaints, and until you say you love me I’ll keep them all locked away
I’m lonely and just waiting; you’re cold and calculating. Your selfishness attracts you to all the mistakes I am making
If there’s anything I’d teach it’s to take pride in the things you do. When does unrequited love become abuse?
It seems like he gets your body and I get your soul, and even when we’re at our best I still don’t get to have both

Tell me what’s left to do, I’ll do it baby I’ll do it
Cause I just want to fucking be with you, Oh I’ll do it baby I’ll do it
Cause I’ve got this running bet that something I’ve been doing is getting into your head
I know you wouldn’t have it any other way

There’s something about your face I cannot escape
I know he’s in your room right now but I’d just love it if you’d let me wait
I should have seen this all going downhill since we meet on the very first day
But I was high off of you, you seemed so far from true, I vowed to never take my eyes away.

I should have got things right with all the chances you gave me
I’ll forever be watching you two talk with my tongue caught between my teeth
And I’ve been trying to catch your eyes, maybe that’ll turn around this night
I’ve been coping with my fear of initiative so I’ll beg you to step out for a cigarette
We’ll smoke in silence with my words stuck at my lips –
I’m going back to Long Island cause I'm too fucking stoned for this shit.
Track Name: I'm Glad You Can Finally Sleep Again
I think that it's clear I've gotten some things wrong about how you spend your free time and where exactly we left off
I didn't think you had the nerve to do what you did that night and believe me I would have stopped it but both of my hands were tied
Oh, of course it's not your fault! You only do what's right. Three and a half years of arguments - you are the beauty queen of spite
And when we spend our time apart this year, it's sad but we will find that there are brighter sides to life

You've always been one for conversation
I've always been one to make things worse
We both always thought that we'd walk out of this better than before. Are you better than before?

I know you know, I know you are everything to me
What do you do when the words that you say don't mean anything?
I have had my chance before and I have seen the open door but I turned back to lock myself in
What do you do when the words that you say don't mean anything?
You can't do much

I know you know
I never meant to make you feel this way and I'm sorry you don't feel the same.
Track Name: Your Kitchen Table
Shut up man I know that I'm just bugging
But something about this just don't sit right
So I'll thank God for these awkward notions
And I'll thank my mom that I'm so uptight

It's been nice to forget myself
And the nostalgia to which I'm prone
But I found myself at your kitchen table
Let myself remember on the long walk home

I allowed myself to resent you
I was just like you I should've known
Thought you liked being the center of attention
But you just didn't want to fall asleep alone

Feeling strangely old at twenty
Barely feeling anything at all
Take me back to the simple summer
Or even the heartbreak of that fall

Feeling strangely old at 20
Barely feeling anything at all
Just let me soak in the sun-drenched summer
Before the problems brought on by fall
Track Name: My God, Help Me to Survive this Deadly Love
My love we haven't spoke in weeks
But why don't you walk me down my street?
I know you've had your thoughts about me
Mostly sour, sometimes sweet
Why don't you come down to my room?
No friends, no drugs, just me and you
We'll find a million things to do
No drugs, no friends, just me and you

I've been everywhere with you before
We're always back looking for more
It's about time we find the cure
So why don't we lock ourselves indoors?
They won't start searching until September
We won't come out until we're better
We'll find a million things to do
No drugs, no friends, just me and you

I'm sick of holding onto you
You only call when you have to
I hope I get locked in my room
The only way I escape you

I had a dream last night I saw you, I'm still not safe inside my bed
I can't sleep 'til I'm exhausted or you'll occupy my head
Not a dream, it was a nightmare. You should have heard the things you said
I've become scared to close my eyes, I can't stand waking up in sweats

It's even worse when I wake up to find I still love you to death.